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Welcome to YBM!

Hello World!

My name is Trudy Baidoo and I am the Founder and Chief Editor of Young, Black, and Motivated.com (“YBM”).  If you’re wondering what I look like, the picture below is a photograph of me on the YBM interview set with young business mogul, Taj Tashombe.  Make sure you check out his interview when we post it this month.  Taj shared a lot of insightful information that will benefit up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

To kick off the launch of youngblackandmotivated.com, I want to share with you how YBM came to be.

I decided to start YBM because I was tired of talented African-Americans not getting the shine they deserve.  Rather then talk about the work of Newark Governor Corey Booker, the media wants to focus on the statements of the NAACP.  Instead of showcasing young successful African-American entrepreneurs like Maurice Cherry, founder of 3Eighteen Media based in Atlanta, entrepreneur magazines tend to save their African-American spotlights for “special edition” prints (e.g. “Top 20 Minorities in Business”).  It almost feels as though the media would have you believe that most African-Americans are struggling to achieve success, or that this is a rare occasion (Not True!).  My frustration with how African-Americans are portrayed in the media was one of the main reasons why I built a team to start this website.

Another reason YBM exists today is because I was tired of struggling to find peers and mentors in the African-American community willing to share information about how they achieved their success.  This is not to suggest that generally speaking African-Americans aren’t willing to share success notes, but it is to say that more of us should be willing to share and have more platforms for sharing.  In the African-American community there seems to be this notion that there is not enough success to go around, that success is finite.  The truth is, if more people shared there would be more collaboration and better projects.  Sharing best practices, strategies, processes, and experiences increases the pot of gold.


YBM TV Executive Producer Natasha Hill with Taj Tashombe

In response to the two issues described above, YBM was born.  At YBM we focus on African-Americans who are pursing their dreams.   Our goal is to tell the stories of the “doer,” and highlight anyone who meets the criteria even if they aren’t a celebrity.  Additionally, YBM is a resource guide for those looking for career, business, and lifestyle information from the perspective of those who (like themselves) are young, black, and motivated.

On behalf of the YBM team, WELCOME TO YBM!  I invite you to provide us with your feedback and input so that we can make tweaks and updates to the site so that it best serves your needs.   The best way to share your thoughts is by leaving a comment here on YBM, or by posting a comment to the YBM Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting www.youngblackandmotivated.com.


Trudy Baidoo

Founder and Chief Editor