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Relationship Advice with a Twist

At YBM we highlight all individuals who we consider to be movers and shakers in the African-American community.  Will Wavvy is a successful motivational speaker from Tacoma, Washington who is helping African-Americans navigate the world of relationships through his website The Relationship Playbook. Continue reading

The Art of Sampling Book Review

Book Review: The Art of Sampling

:::Ebony Rose Editorial:::

I recently picked up a relationship guide entitled, “The Black Book:  An Introduction to the Art of Sampling,” written by Romaine Masiah Williams.  The book promises to help cheaters, oops I mean “samplers,” navigate the monogamous world by providing tips on how to keep simultaneous relationships intact, but mum.  Williams starts off explaining that “sampling” is synonymous with cheating, but reasons that the word “sample” doesn’t have the same negative connotation as cheating.  Williams attempts to change the negative connotation of cheating by offering a different word in its place, i.e. sampling: Continue reading