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How to Better Protect Your Creative Works

YBM is privileged to have Attorney Natasha L. Hill, Esq as a guest contributor for youngblackandmotivated.com.  As a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and go-getters, one common fear that often impacts our willingness to share freely and involve others in projects that we are working on, is the fear of having our works or ideas stolen.  YBM reached out to Attorney Natasha L. Hill to shed some light on the situation.

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Do You Stand Out?

We live in a society where people are obsessed with fitting in and being part of the “in” crowd.  Some people try to fit in through fashion. We all know or have seen the chick who is obsessed with wearing whatever designer Halle Berry is wearing. This fashion follower pays no attention to personal style or the craftsmanship of the designer. Their sole goal is to mimic Hallie Berry in hopes that they will receive the same attention that Hallie Berry receives. Continue reading