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How to Add YouTube to your Facebook Fanpage

I manage a niche website for women of color.  After my website originally went live, I set up a Facebook fan page to help drive traffic back to my website.  Weekly, in addition to blogging on my website and moderating my Facebook fan page, I would also make vlogs as a way to reach people who’d rather watch and learn, over reading and learning about my topic.

As my audience began to grow I realized I needed a way to integrate my YouTube channel with my Facebook fanpage.  One in 13 people, log into Facebook daily and the average user spends 46 minutes on Facebook.  That means you have a better chance of keeping readers engaged if they can read your content or view your videos via Facebook rather than them having to go to an external website.

Facebook Stat

The Solution

Through an online Facebook training I found out that all you need to have in order to integrate YouTube into your fan page is a YouTube Facebook application. Continue reading