YBMer Jason Njoku Syndicates Nollywood

Successful entrepreneurs identify a problem and provide a solution and that solution is where their business is formed.  YBMer Jason Njoku a masters graduate from the University of Manchester Business School had a simple goal to take African produced movies online and spread Nigerian Cinematics across the globe. Continue reading

YBMer of the Week: Rovalier Thompson

Rovalier D. Thompson is Founder, President, and Sr. Head Coach of Basic Basketball.  Coach Thompson, as he is called, is a former 4-year varsity basketball athlete at Artesia Sr. High and Compton Sr. High School,  and has over 10 years experience coaching youth basketball.  In 2010, Coach Thompson started Basic Basketball, a non-profit basketball program geared towards teaching the basics of basketball and showing youth how to build a solid foundation for life.  Coach Thompson stresses the importance of the “student-athlete” concept, and he encourages youth to stay focused in their efforts to succeed. Continue reading

Relationship Advice with a Twist

At YBM we highlight all individuals who we consider to be movers and shakers in the African-American community.  Will Wavvy is a successful motivational speaker from Tacoma, Washington who is helping African-Americans navigate the world of relationships through his website The Relationship Playbook. Continue reading

Kevin Powell: Advocate for a Better World

Kevin Powell is known most famously for his role as a cast member on MTV’s first season of “The Real World,” and as a notorious hip hop head.  However, he is more than just that.  Powell”s first important role in life was serving as man of the house in the absence of his father.  With a tenacious spirit and dedication to helping others, he moved up the ranks to become an international activist who recently ran  for Congressional Office in New York’s 10th District for the third time.  Through his life’s work of poetry, essays, and books, he highlights his dedication towards social, economic, and political, change in America.

Continue reading