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Relationship Advice with a Twist

At YBM we highlight all individuals who we consider to be movers and shakers in the African-American community.  Will Wavvy is a successful motivational speaker from Tacoma, Washington who is helping African-Americans navigate the world of relationships through his website The Relationship Playbook. Continue reading

YBMer of the Week: Leila Noelliste

This week all eyes are on webpreneur Leila Noelliste, creator of the website Black Girl with Long Hair.

The Birth of Black Girl with Long Hair:
If you are an African-American female YBMer, you know how it feels to be at a crossroad with your hair.  It’s too thick, thin, brittle, coarse, short, or long.  Perhaps you’ve contemplated the idea of cutting it off and going natural, but the thought of going natural brings up another stressful issue.  How do you maintain it? Continue reading

Overcoming a Quarter Life Crisis

:::Article written by Shirley Paul:::

What would you do if you achieved a desired life, yet on the inside felt incomplete? You’ve worked hard to maintain the balance of a dream career, relationship, and life. Suddenly, your career becomes unfulfilling and your goals stagnant. Where would you turn?

“At the age of 24, I felt like something was terribly wrong. I had a great job, boyfriend, and perfect grades. On the outside everything was perfect, but on the inside I felt unaccomplished, lost, stuck, and confused,” says Nailah Blades. Continue reading