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Success Habits – Reading

Have you ever been to the home of a friend or someone who claimed to be broke only to find that they have an extra large flat screen TV, decked out with all the bells and whistles sitting in their living room?  Were you even more dumbfounded when they started flipping through their deluxe cable channels? Me too!  Broke people and rich people have very different habits.  If you haven’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad read it and you’ll understand exactly what I mean by that statement.

ghetto flat screen

The major differences between wealthy people and middle class people are spending habits, mindset, and financial acumen.  However, there is one additional differentiator that is highly noteworthy.  Wealthy people, spend more time reading than watching TV.  According to a 2012 survey completed by Harris Interactive, 71% of adults read less than six books a year and 14% do not read any books in a year.

The simple act of carving out time to read more will change the trajectory of your financial future.  Here is a helpful tip you can employ to get you started on the path to reading more.

Make Google Reader part of your morning routine.

Google Reader

Google Reader is a free service from Google that allows you to aggregate articles from different websites.  Instead of having to visit each website you like individually you can simply open up Google Reader and articles from all your favorite sites will populate in one feed.

When you set up Google Reader you’ll have an option to place a subscribe button in your web browser toolbar.  I highly recommend you install the subscribe button.  The button will make it super easy for you to add websites to your Google Reader. Once you have the button all you do is click it when you visit a website you want added to your Google Reader.

Google Reader will help you to spend less time surfing the internet and more time reading good content, but it’s still important to read books as well so consider joining our YBM Book Club.

The video below is a tutorial on how to set up Google Reader.

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MOO Card MiniCards

5 Excellent Places Online to Produce Business Cards

Have you ever showed up at a networking event without business cards?  I have, and it is the worst!  It always happens that on the few occasions I don’t have business cards, that is when everyone I speak with asks for my business card.  I’ve been known to use the classic  “I-ran-out-of-cards” line to try and cover up the fact I don’t have any.  But regardless of the reason or how you try to spin it, the truth is most serious business people won’t take you serious if you don’t have a business card.

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Nail Your Interview

Many qualified candidates miss the opportunity to land their dream promotion because they are under-prepared for their interview.   Focusing on the basics such as being on time, dressing appropriately, and customizing your resume is important, but alone will not set you apart from other applicants applying for the job.  According to an article in the New York Times by Michael Luo, in today’s economy job seekers out number job openings 5-1.  As a result, the majority of job seekers are applying for jobs in which they are overqualified.

As a young professional in the business world, you are often competing against candidates with more years of experience. Your focus needs to shift from your resume to your interview.  The interview is where you will have approximately 30 minutes to sell yourself.  People hire people they like, so what you say is nearly as important as who you know. 

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