How to Add YouTube to your Facebook Fanpage

I manage a niche website for women of color.  After my website originally went live, I set up a Facebook fan page to help drive traffic back to my website.  Weekly, in addition to blogging on my website and moderating my Facebook fan page, I would also make vlogs as a way to reach people who’d rather watch and learn, over reading and learning about my topic.

As my audience began to grow I realized I needed a way to integrate my YouTube channel with my Facebook fanpage.  One in 13 people, log into Facebook daily and the average user spends 46 minutes on Facebook.  That means you have a better chance of keeping readers engaged if they can read your content or view your videos via Facebook rather than them having to go to an external website.

Facebook Stat

The Solution

Through an online Facebook training I found out that all you need to have in order to integrate YouTube into your fan page is a YouTube Facebook application.

It’s just a simple app that will get you a video square on your Facebook fan page similar to the one seen on this Beats By Dre fan page.

Beats by Dre Screenshot


  • Facebook Apps:  Facebook fan pages allow page owners to install applications in order to make their fan page more engaging.  The applications for your fan page are the squares located to the right of the “about” section beneath your cover image.  The Photos and Like squares come standard on all fan pages, but page owners have the liberty to add on additional squares aka applications.
  • YouTube Facebook App Options:  You have the option of installing a premium YouTube app or a free YouTube app.  The difference between premium and free apps are cost and function. The premium YouTube apps will cost anywhere from $10 and up.  The reason premium applications cost money is because they are more robust and include multipe features and customization options.

My Recommendation:

I personally have tried the YouTube app by Fan Page Apps and also the Involver YouTube app.  The Fan Page app kept erring out on me so I left that and tried Involver. Involver is good, but the feature video image is very large and aesthetically I didn’t care for the way my videos were laid out so I ended up going with the Cueler app.  I recommend Cueler it is easy to install and the performance of the app is consistent I’ve yet to have it error when I open the app, and as I shared before it’s FREE.

Set-up Process:

Here are the steps to do the install.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.
  2. Click Cueler and it will take you to a page that looks like this screenshot.  Note – if you are logged in as your brand page it’s going to require you to switch to your personal user account. Go ahead and do that because when you configure the app it lets you select which fan page you want the app to be tied to.Cueler ScreenShot
  3. When your install is complete follow the Cueler app prompts to configure/sync the app with your YouTube account

You’re done!  Now, if you want to change the picture in the app square or the app name follow these additional steps.

  1. Pull up your Facebook fan page.  Make sure you switch users so you are using Facebook as (Your Brand).
  2. Next to the square image that shows the number of likes you have you will see a new square called YouTube Videos.  You will also see an upside down triangle. See picture below (you may or may not have a number next to your triangle.)  Click the triangle.Screenshot Edit Button
  3. Hover, over the Cueler YouTube app and you’ll see the Facebook Edit pencil in the top right of the square. Click the pencil.
  4. The Cueler edit tool will pop up. Click change tab image to upload your own picture (dimensions are 111 x 74). To change the text simply type in new text and save.

Cueler Edit Settings

Wrap Up:

YBMers we hope you found this information to be helpful. If you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below.  If you have another process that worked well for you please share that with us so we can get the word out to other YBMers.



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