YBMer Jason Njoku Syndicates Nollywood

Successful entrepreneurs identify a problem and provide a solution and that solution is where their business is formed.  YBMer Jason Njoku a masters graduate from the University of Manchester Business School had a simple goal to take African produced movies online and spread Nigerian Cinematics across the globe.

After 9 months of submersing himself in Nigerian movie culture and learning the ins and outs of the Nigerian film industry Njoku launched Iroko Partners a private investment firm devoted to creating the first legal distribution infrastructure for “Nollywood” films.

Soon after launching Iroko Partners Njoku went to work meeting with Nollywood stakeholders explaining his vision and securing Audio and Visual On Demand licensing contracts with the major production houses Kas Vid International, Emmy Rich Productions, and many others.  The product of Njoku’s passion and outreach is a website called Nollywood Love.

Nollywood Love YouTube Channel

Nollywood Love provides Nigerian movies on demand to its subscribers.  Launched late December of 2010 Nollywood Love has already amassed 1.2 million uniques and over 20,000 subscribers in its 5 months since launch!  Hats off to YBMer Jason Njoku for finding a need and providing a solution.

Reporter Sarah Lacy broke the story about the success of Iroko Partners via TechCrunch.  Check our her awesome interview with Njoku and his staff:


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