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In middle school I had a classmate who was an amazing artist. If you had the opportunity to sit next to him in a class you would have had access to glimpse the pages of his notebook which were filled with detailed drawings of scenes from his imagination. I felt strongly that the images he would conjure up should be made into a cartoon.

I have no idea where my classmate is today, but I’m willing to bet he isn’t a “working” artist. The middle school him and I went to was a charter school so compared to other school environments he was encouraged more then harassed about his art work. He even got commissioned by our school to do a mural on the wall of the gym. High school however, was a whole different story. Teachers would give him flack for drawing in class and he kept getting caught up with graffiti misdemeanors. He ended up leaving the local public high school and going to an alternative school.

If I were to run into my classmate today I would tell him about  For so long Street Art has got a bad wrap from society and instead of cultivating the talent of people like my classmate the school system tries to stomp out their dreams or redirect their energy.  (I used the term “Street Art” begrudgingly but, I do acknowledge that my usage of the term will help to illustrate the art “genre” I’m talking about, but I really do hate categorizing things.) Well, YBMers there is no better time then now to be a street artist.  Turn your work into an income generator and start making folks recognize and PAY for the talent you possess.

"Car Wrap"

Art on Cars

What is Infectious?:

  • Infectious is a website that makes art for your stuff i.e. Laptops, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Skateboard, etc.

Making Money on Infectious:

  • Upload your own artwork and create a product.  You can order the product you create and use it for your own personal uses or branding or you can order inventory of the product to resell it.
  • Enter a Free4All contest. Infectious holds a monthly contest where artists can submit product art.  The winning artist gets $250, a $100 store credit, and 5% royalties on the product sales of the item they created.
  • Get listed as an artist in their global community and advertise your talent. Artists featured on the site have a picture, bio, and link to their website.

Infectious iPhone Skin

Marketing Advise from YBM Marketing expert TruNettworker:

YBM artists let be a tool for you to build your brand and business!  Consider going to WordPress Premium Themes to pick a template and create your own e-commerce website.  If you don’t have a domain try Network Solutions or HostGator to get your domain and hosting set up.  Create products using Infectious and then post pictures of products on your website.  Think of infectious as a cheap way to make a product prototype.  When someone orders from your website you can go to Infectious and create the product and have it sent to your customers.  If you start getting a lot of orders for one item you can carry an inventory of it.  Viva YOUR ART!



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