Do You Have a Sense of “Knowingness?”

I am and always have been a sucker for drama films.  Especially, drama films with a sports theme.  I love how the protagonist in sports drama films always comes to a defining moment where they need to come to terms with their self image and they need to decide for themselves win or loose if they are a champion.  Many sports dramas force us to reflect and look inside to find our inner strength.

You can physically toil and train for years to be a champion, but you can never win the ultimate prize you seek until you can become a champion in your own mind.  When I was a kid I watched films like Rudy, The Might Ducks, Rocky, The Cutting Edge, and Cool Runnings (the scene above is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie).  In each of these films I can remember vividly the moment when the main character faces their own personal doubts and decides to put their insecurities to the side.  I recall how facing and conquering self doubt liberated these main characters and gave them a since of empowerment that I call “knowingness.”

Today I wish for us all to come into a sense of “knowingness” as it relates to our dreams. Understand that what you dream becomes your plan as soon as you release all doubts and commit to that dream.  I challenge you to push out all doubt and replace the doubt you once harbored with unwavering conviction that you will achieve your dreams.  It is the sureness that exudes from every one of our pores that will manifest into whatever reality we’ve confirmed in our own minds.  Knowing breeds success.  Look in the mirror and tell me what you see! #YBM

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