New Barcodes that Help You Market Your Business

Are you familiar with 2D Barcodes or Quick Reference Barcodes?  Seen any barcodes that look like this lately?

Well, YBMers this new type of barcode is called a Quick Reference Barcode (“QR Barcode”) a.k.a 2D Barcode.  The QR barcode stores more information than the traditional UPC barcode that you are used to seeing in grocery stores and department stores.  QR Barcodes are already very popular in Japan, but are just beginning to gain exposure in the US.  As someone who is young and motivated, you can use QR Barcodes as a tool to help you grow your business.

How Does it Work?
QR Barcodes store contact information, business information, weblinks, and all kinds of data.  If you scan the barcode above, it will give you the contact information for the YBM editor Trudy Baidoo in seconds.  The beauty of using a QR Barcode is that there is no need to do a Google search for the information, or transfer information from a business card to your phone.  All you need to do is scan the barcode and the information will appear on your device.

You might be thinking that’s cool, but how do I scan that with my phone?  To scan a QR Barcode from your phone, first you need to have a smartphone that is capable of taking pictures, and second you need to have a smartphone that allows you to download applications.  If you have a Blackberry phone, Android phone, or iPhone, your phone is already capable of reading QR Barcodes.  Since I have an Android, I will walk you through how to scan the above barcode using an Android device.

How to Enable Your Device to Scan 2D Barcodes:

  1. Go to the Android MarketPlace on your device.
  2. Search for the “Barcode Scanner” application (it is a free application.)
  3. Download the application to your phone.
  4. Go into your applications folder and run the “Barcode Scanner” application.
  5. Focus the red line of the scanner on the barcode above and wait for the beep.
  6. Done.

Create Your Own Barcode
Here is a link to a QR code generator.  This link will allow you to create your own QR Barcode with your business or personal information just like the barcode above.

Tutorial Video on QR Barcodes:

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