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5 Excellent Places Online to Produce Business Cards

Have you ever showed up at a networking event without business cards?  I have, and it is the worst!  It always happens that on the few occasions I don’t have business cards, that is when everyone I speak with asks for my business card.  I’ve been known to use the classic  “I-ran-out-of-cards” line to try and cover up the fact I don’t have any.  But regardless of the reason or how you try to spin it, the truth is most serious business people won’t take you serious if you don’t have a business card.

YBM wants you to be prepared with business cards 24/7 so we’ve put together a list of 5 Excellent Places Online to Produce Business Cards:

#1 MOO Cards

MOO Cards and Stickers is an excellent online store for business cards.  The MOO Card site offers a great new product called MiniCards, which are essentially half sized business cards.  All business cards purchased made on MOO Cards come with a free card holder accessory.  One of the card holders for the MiniCards is a plastic rectangular holder that opens like a switch blade.  The holder is sleek and very cool, and it’s free!  But the best part of MOO Cards is a printing service they offer called Printfinity.  Printfinity allows you to print multiple business card designs in one batch.  So the two designs you couldn’t pick between? No worries, MOO cards can print both designs as part of the same order. If you are looking for affordable high quality business card give MOO Cards a try. (

#2 Contxts

For those who regularly run out of business cards, or for those who get tired of transferring contact information from business cards to their phone, consider  Contxt is a free service that allows you to create a text card.  If someone wants your business information, they simply text your company name to 50500 and they get an auto-responder text back that has all of your company information.  The Contxt site is robust, but user friendly.  Once you have an account set up at Contxt, you can create your text card in 140 characters or less.  Then you just pick a card name.  Your card will be accessible instantaneously.  Impress the new people you meet by providing your business card by text. (

#3 Vista Print

Most people have heard of Vista Print.  Vista Print first rose to popularity by offering free business cards.  The truth is the cards aren’t 100% free because they get you on the shipping, but still it’s a great deal even with the cost of shipping.  Vista Print is a great printing solution because they keep things very simple.  The website is template driven.  Pick a product, pick a template, edit the template, and buy.  It truly is that simple.  In addition to business cards, Vista Print offers branded promotional items for your business, such as pens, stamps, return labels, and stickers.  If you are in need of a quick simple solution Vista Print is great. (

#4 Online Print House

If you already have a design for your business card and you just need to get them printed, Online Print House is for you.  You can order 2500 full color business cards on 14pt stock paper for under $70.  Additionally,  Online Print House focuses on business to business sales.  You have the option to do blind shipping, meaning your business can ship 2500 business cards to customers on behalf of YOU Designs, and the shipping label won’t identify Online Print House as the printer–they look like they came strait from your business.  For graphic designers this is a great way to offer business card design, printing, and shipping services on behalf of your own brand. (

#5 Free PDF Cards

Free PDF is a quick and simple online tool to create business cards.  If it is the day of your meeting and you don’t already have a business card designed, and are just looking for a generic card with your logo and contact details, this website is for you.  All you do is input your contact details on a web form and the site generates a PDF file with 12 business cards.  Since PDF file types are the industry standard, all you need to do next with the file is email it directly to a local printer to have your cards printed, or if you have card stock paper at the house you can print your cards from home.  Free PDF cards are an excellent and convenient do it yourself (DIYS) option. (

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