Relationship Advice with a Twist

At YBM we highlight all individuals who we consider to be movers and shakers in the African-American community.  Will Wavvy is a successful motivational speaker from Tacoma, Washington who is helping African-Americans navigate the world of relationships through his website The Relationship Playbook.

The Rundown of The Relationship Playbook
The Relationship Playbook website is an organic extension of  Will Wavvy’s successful BlogTalk radio segment, “The Game,” where Wavvy has built a reputation for giving listeners unfiltered truth about relationships.  With The Relationship Playbook website Wavvy is attempting to strip the phrase “The Game” of it’s negative connotations, and instead use it as a metaphor to share practical and relatable advice about relationships with his readers.

“People think that the word “game,” especially when associated with relationships, has to be manipulative.  I believe that it can be two people, preset rules, and a favorable outcome,” says Wavvy.

What to Expect  From Relationship Playbook
The Relationship Playbook uses football references and terminology to offer advice to readers on relationships.  The sections of the website are broken down into the following categories, which each represent a separate aspect of relationships.
•  Preseason – Dating and the single life
•  Regular Season – Relationships
•  MVP – Personal Development
•  Post Season – Marriage
•  Off season – Break-ups
•  Naughty Notebooks – Sex

Will Wavvy, and his talented writers, view themselves as relationship coaches.  Wavvy’s main goal with the website is to serve as a trusted guide for African-Americans on how to deal with the peaks and valleys of relationships.

“Often times we’re (African-Americans) forced to go to Ask.Com when searching for relationship advice.  We’re truly lacking the resources that help us to cultivate healthy relationships among one another,” says Wavvy.

About Will Wavvy
Will Wavvy & Son
The Relationship Playbook (“TRP”) Founder, Will Wavvy, always wanted to be a motivational speaker.  He admired the way a person could speak for a short span of time, yet change lives.  He aspired to be a life coach that could guide people.

One event in Wavvy’s life that deeply moved him to pursue his goal of becoming a motivational speaker was the death of his brother.  At 18 years of age, his brother died of a heart attack while playing for his high school basketball team.  Wavvy attended the funeral alongside many family members and friends, yet he still felt alone.  He had no one to comfort him over the loss of his sibling.

He grieved by reading several biographies and motivational books on how to help others.  Ultimately, in the wake of his brother’s passing, Wavvy made a vow to himself that he would always be there to aid other people in their time of need.

With the Relationship Playbook and “The Game” radio show, Wavvy has fulfilled his desire to help and motivate others.

Tips to From Will Wavvy

  1. To be successful, try turning what you want to do into what you will do.  What you will do into what you can do.  What you can do into what you’re doing.   And what you’re doing into what you have done.
  2. It’s best to assume that people will not follow your advice and examples.
  3. When you’re engaging in motivational speaking, remember that you cannot please everybody.
  4. No matter what you say, you may offend somebody, so stand by your words.

Today, The Relationship Playbook continues to grow anywhere from 2,000-3,000 readers per month.  Will Wavvy is looking to go on a nationwide tour with other keynote speakers, relationship authorities, and authors.  For more information on The Relationship Playbook be sure to view the TRP Facebook page.

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